Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing by certified our technicians is a simple, low cost way of protecting your business, your people and your customers while both ensuring you’re legally compliant and potentially lowering your insurance costs.

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT, is the testing of portable appliances by certified professionals to assess the safety of an appliance, including plugs and cables, to ensure the welfare of those using the equipment. It is an important electrical testing service to make sure your appliances are safe.

The term ‘portable appliance’ refers to any equipment which can be unplugged and moved while it is in use or in order to use it. A portable appliance is anything with a plug or handheld including computers, monitors, printers, extension leads, portable heaters, kitchen equipment, portable tools and chargers.








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A number of tests are carried out by a professional onsite using specialist equipment and a detailed report with results is provided afterwards. A barcode and equipment asset system is also used going forward to maintain records and monitor appliances. These records will also assist with future risk assessments.  

Items that fail testing must be marked and removed from service until they can be repaired or replaced. If the item requires repair, a later test is required to certify it as safe for use again.

It’s important to keep your employees and customers safe.

Appliance testing of your equipment so that it’s certified as safe to use is one way of ensuring this. It’s about protecting your people, your customers, and your business.

Should an unfortunate event like an accident involving one of your appliances occur, not having a safety certificate can result in fines, no insurance cover and/or legal prosecution.

Equipment can develop faults from overuse, misuse and just general deterioration over time. Faulty electrical equipment can result is burns, fires, electrical shock and more. Portable appliance testing is a simple, cost-effective way of safe-guarding against these and other risks.

Fire risks, burns, and electric shocks are all risks associated with faulty electric appliances. Regular testing negates this risk and ensures that your business is compliant with Health and Safety legislation.

If your business or organisation uses electrical appliances, and chances are it does, portable appliance testing is highly advisable. 

It is your obligation to make sure your equipment is safe.


Safeguarding Your Business


Legal Compliance


Lower Insurance Costs

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Got a question about Portable Appliance Testing?

Our certified testers will carry out all testing onsite with minimal disruption for you, your employees or your customers.

Our testing team will complete both visual and electrical tests with specialist equipment. Each appliance will then be labelled with the date of the test and the results. You will also receive a detailed report with results and recommendations. For more information call us on 0818 250 250, or fill out our contact form and a member of the team will be in touch.

You might not have heard of PAT but Health and Safety legislation requires all employers and businesses ensure that all portable appliances and equipment is inspected and tested. 

Most insurers also now require businesses and organisations to carry out PAT to be able to prove equipment is safe for use and doesn’t pose a danger.

The results of your appliance tests must be retained for five years after the date of the test. These records must be available for inspection by users and officials.

How often you need appliance testing carried out can vary depending on the equipment and the level and location of use but yearly testing will be sufficient for most appliances. The test results of each appliance will inform when testing should be carried out again.

Contact us and our PAT team can advise you of the level and regularity of testing your organisation and equipment may requir

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