Ahock valves from CalX

High-quality, powerful A. Hock control valves, actuators, and positioners.

A. Hock’s two-way and three-way valves allow for flexible configuration and are available in all standard nominal diameters and pressure rates. Increase efficiency and maintain high product quality with A. Hock Control Valves.

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Series 2000

Two-way control valves with one-seat design

The A. Hock Series 2000 valves are two-way control valve all-rounders. Suitable for almost all process-related applications, these valves come in standard and more complex versions.

The straight-through valves are single-seated and actuated by electric or pneumatic diaphragm actuators. Thanks to efficient warehousing, specific control valves are available for dispatch within 24 hours, in quantities of one or more.

Series 2000 valves are used to regulate temperature, flow, pressure and fill levels and cover 80 % of industry applications.

Series 2060

Top-guided straight-through high-pressure valves

Control fluids, gas, and steam with the powerful high-pressure 2060 series of valves. Manufactured from cast steel, high-temperature steel or stainless steel, these valves have a variety of industry applications and can be customised with accessories, steel grades, sealing methods and materials.

These top-guided straight-through valves are particularly suitable for industrial applications in the pressure range of more than 40bar/300psi and up to 160bar/900psi thanks to their rugged construction.

Series 9000

High-pressure single or double-seat cage-guided valves

Available as single (9100) or double seat (9200) cage-guided valves and particularly suitable for industrial applications with pressure ranges above 40bar/300psi and up to 160bar/900psi, the high-quality two-way 9000 series are extremely rugged and versatile.

Thanks to their sturdy construction, the high-performance straight-through control valves are primarily used to reduce high differential pressures. They are particularly suitable for controlling a variety of fluids as well as gas and steam in industrial high-pressure applications. The accessory range of the high-pressure cage-guided valves of the 9000 series can be configurated individually.

Series 2003

Three-way control valves in mixing and diverting versions

Available both as a mixing (2003) and as a diverting valve (2013), the three-way control valves of A. Hock’s Series 2003 are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you’re looking for a standard or more complex version, the valves are available in a variety of nominal sizes, body types and materials. These control valves can be actuated either with pneumatic diaphragm actuators or with electric actuators.

The 2003 series are used in a variety of industry applications for the precise control of water, oil, steam or other fluids, especially in heating and cooling systems. The valves of the Series 2003 are mainly used for the precise temperature control of industrial heat exchangers.

Series 1003

Three-way control valves for HVAC systems

The rugged and varied three-way control valves of A. Hock’s Series 1003 can be converted from a mixing version to a diverting version and vice versa without any additional parts. These valves are actuated by the pneumatic actuators of the Series 2000 or the electric actuators of the Series E2000. Providing maximum control accuracy and efficiency, the 1003 series are especially designed for use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, such as in the continuous control of water temperature in the heating circuits of large buildings.

These top-guided straight-through valves are particularly suitable for industrial applications in the pressure range of more than 40bar/300psi and up to 160bar/900psi thanks to their rugged construction.

Series V5066

Three-way valves for heat transfer oil systems

The high quality control valves of the V5066 series by A. Hock are extremely versatile. These three-way valves are available in diverting and mixing versions and are primarily used in heat transfer oil systems.

The V5066 series can be actuated by a pneumatic diaphragm actuator of the 2000 series or by the Honeywell MP953. In addition, the electric actuators of the E2000 series by A. Hock ensure a controlled operation.

Available as mixing (V5066B) and diverting (V5066A) versions, in heat-transfer systems production processes are heated or cooled indirectly with the help of heat transfer oil. Mineral oils, glycerine and similar media are used as heat carriers. Because toxic substances can be released at high temperatures, the V5066 series comes with a bellows seal.

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For fast and high actuating forces, A Hock’s pneumatic actuators are the number one choice

Equipped with robust EPDM diaphragms, they ensure universal use and low-hysteresis control across the entire actuating range. Even under extreme conditions, A. Hock diaphragm actuators are a reliable choice for actuating your control valves. What’s more, they live up to all explosion protection demands without any additional expenses.

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Series 2000 Pneumatic Actuators

Diaphragm actuators for fast response times

If you’re looking for fast response times and high actuating forces (up to 79kN), look no further than the diaphragm actuators of A. Hock’s Series 2000. Thanks to their rugged and compact design, the actuators are suitable for use in extreme environments. In addition, the pneumatic diaphragm actuators allow for flexible use in industrial applications and are perfect for safety-critical applications because they are suitable for unrestricted use in potentially explosive installations.

The actuators work in both directions, opening and closing valves either by spring force or control air. No additional parts are required to reverse the direction in the field. The series 2000 actuators can also be supplied without springs. In this case, they open and close the valve exclusively with external air.

A. Hock’s diaphragm actuators are particularly suitable for use in extreme ambient temperatures. They can also withstand severe shock loadings and ensure maximum safety in potentially explosive environments. Suitable for use in hazardous areas without additional cost or expenditure.

In addition to their safety functions, the pneumatic diaphragm actuators also boast high actuating forces.

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CalX supply A. Hock electro-pneumatic positioners to the process industry.

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Electro-pneumatic positioner EP2500

Electro-pneumatic positioner for linear and rotary actuators

The EP2500 by A. Hock is a two-wire loop powered digital valve positioner that suits both linear and rotary actuators. It is fully powered by the 4–20-mA input signal and compatible with HART communication. Thanks to the one-button calibration feature, the positioner is adjusted to the valve automatically, and all control parameters are detected within only a few seconds meaning excellent control is achieved in no time.

The EP2500 is used on linear actuators or rotary actuators and is the successor of the Honeywell model series EP2201 / EP2301 / EP2401 making it an ideal replacement.

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CalX supplies a large selection of A. Hock parts, components, and accessories. Always be sure to replace damaged parts with original spares and use A. Hock accessories to ensure a prolonged service-life and interruption-free operation of your processes.

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Air Filter Regulator FR1000

Air Filter Regulator for air supply which is dust-, oil- and moisture-free.

The air-set includes the functions of pressure control valve and filtering water separator. This combined unit is suitable for compressed air supplies of 0.5 to 8 bar for the operation of control units in industrial plants. The FR1000 is suitable for all kinds of pneumatic equipment.

Spare Parts

Spare parts for Valves and Actuators

For Control Valves:

  • Bellow Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Guide Bushings
  • Packing Flanges
  • Packing
  • Packing Glands
  • Packing Rings
  • Packing Springs
  • Plugs
  • Plug Stems
  • Seatrings
  • Spacer Rings
  • Tapered Rings
  • Valve Stems
  • Washers


For Pneumatic Actuators:

  • Actuator Springs
  • Actuator Stems
  • Bellows
  • Diaphragms
  • O-Rings
  • Stem Seals
  • Stem Seal Housing
  • Stroke Limits

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